Options for your tram ride

You can choose from four categories of historic trams for your ride: each type has its own charm. Each tram is an original The Hague tram, so you can imagine yourself in The Hague from 50 to 100 years ago:

1. The Roaring Twenties Tram

Back to the 1920s!

  • Historical tram from the period 1920-1930 (possibly together with trailer) in the style of the Roaring Twenties
  • 1920s tram: 20 seats
  • 1920s tram with trailer: 49 seats
  • Available trams: tram 36, tram 77, tram 265, tram 265 with trailer 769
  • No heating
  • From € 14.90 p.p. (based on full occupancy)

2. The robust 1950s tram

American comfort from the 50s

  • Historic 1952 PCC tram in cream-yellow with green stripes with unique American “standee windows”
  • 39 seats
  • Available tram: PCC 1022
  • Heating
  • From € 9.50 p.p. (based on full occupancy)

3. The classic 1960s tram

The classic tram with large windows from the 1960s

  • Historic PCC tram in typical The Hague appearance from the 1960s: cream-yellow with green trim
  • Classic 1960s tram: 35 seats
  • 2x Classic 1960s tram: 70 seats
  • Available trams: PCC 1210
  • Heating
  • From € 9.30 p.p. (based on full occupancy)

4. The yellow 70s tram

Back to the Seventies with the yellow PCC

  • Historic PCC tram in the public transport yellow livery from the 1970s
  • 35 seats
  • Available tram: PCC 1165, PCC 1304
  • Heating
  • From € 9.30 p.p. (based on full occupancy)

5. The famous Blue Tram

A 1911 or 1913 original!

  • Historic tram of the former NZH tram company, which operated from 1924 to 1961 with electric trams, among others between Leiden, The Hague and Scheveningen. In the characteristic dark blue/light grey colour scheme.
  • Blue Tram: 15 or 24 seats.
  • Blue Tram with trailer: 39 seats.
  • Available trams: tram A106 (inter-urban tram Scheveningen-Voorburg, Leiden-Noordwijk-Katwijk with 24 seats, built in 1911), tram A327 (local tram in Haarlem and Leiden with 15 seats, built in 1913), tram A327 with Harlem trailer B303 (15+24=39 seats).
  • Heating
  • From € 26.90 p.p. (based on full occupancy)

6. The Partytram

The unique Partytram

  • Historic tram from the 1970s converted into a special Partytram
  • Eating and drinking on-board is allowed
  • Has a wardrobe, microwave, refrigerator, microphone and music system.
  • There is no running water, cutlery and glassware in the tram.
  • 25 seats: 20 regular seats and 5 bar seats
  • Heating
  • From € 17.00 p.p. (based on full occupancy)

Unfortunately, the Partytram is currently not available for rental due to on-going maintenance works. We expect that the Partytram will be available for rental again later in 2024.

Dates and times

You can rent a historic tram 365 days a year between 08:00 and 24:00, of course subject to the availability of tram and tram driver.

Group size

The maximum group size for an application is 100 people: in that case you would rent several historic trams. Would you like to rent the tram for larger groups? Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Ride duration

Would you like to rent a historic tram for a short 15-minute ride? Or for an extensive tour of 2 hours? The historic trams can be rented for all ride lengths.

It is also possible to request a tram ride that consists of two parts. For example, we can bring your party to the wedding ceremony and perform the return ride after the ceremony. We offer the waiting time between the two stages at a reduced rate.


You always rent a tram category. If you have a preference for a specific tram number within this category, please indicate this when making your reservation. We will make every effort to offer this particular tram to you, if available.

There is no guide on our historic trams during the ride. If you would like a guide during your ride, you are free to arrange this yourself. It is recommended for any guide to bring an own microphone or small format megaphone. There is no power plug available in the tram.

Boarding and alighting

You can start and end your ride at any official tram stop, and you can make your own suggestions for the route to ride. The historic trams can run to The Hague, Scheveningen, Voorburg, Rijswijk and Delft. In Scheveningen we can even take you to the beach and the boulevard. There are some routes that are not accessible to our historic trams. However, most of the tram network is available.

Due to technical and operational reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to board and disembark on the route of RandstadRail lines 3 and 4 (with the exception of the route Savornin Lohmanplein – Goudenregenstraat), within the tram tunnel of The Hague, and on the route of tram lines 2 and 6 between Ternoot and Essesteijn. We will be happy to advise you on the nearest alternative stop.

Do you want to board in the centre of The Hague? Then we advise you to start the tram ride at the Grote Kerk, or at the central train station. We do not block the regular HTM trams there, so you can board our tram without rush.

Are you coming to The Hague by car from another city and would you like to transfer to the historic tram? In that case, it is best to park your car at P&R Hoornwijck, and board our tram from the Broekpolder tram stop (stop of tram line 1, approx. 5 minutes walk).

Foods and drinks

Would you like to eat or drink something during the ride? Then we advise you to rent the Partytram! You can bring something yourself, or arrange this yourself through a catering company. In all other historic trams food and drinks are unfortunately not allowed, except for a bottle of water.