Combine your tram ride with hiring venue ‘Remise’

You can also combine your ride on a historic tram with a meeting at the Remise Den Haag event location, located in The Hague’s Public Transport Museum. Our museum is an attractive location for small and large groups. You can hold a meeting, celebrate a party, get married (Remise is an official wedding location), have dinner or organise a conference. It is also possible to pick up and / or drop off your guests with a historic tram. And if desired, we can arrange a tour through the depot for you.

If desired, the trams go outside for more space. The depot has various facilities to make it a large, heated space. About 500 visitors can find a place here. On the first floor, there is a large hall with sound and presentation equipment, suitable for 150 people. If everyone has to be able to sit, the maximum size here is 100 people. In the professional kitchen, a meal can be prepared for large groups.

Workshops in a tram are also possible. During a team or company outing, your group can temporarily break up into smaller groups and come together in separate trams.

Would you like to rent a tram in combination with hiring the Remise, or do you want to hire the Remise venue without a tram ride? Please ask our event team via De Remise for all possibilities.